To buy or not to buy Facebook likes

When people are just setting up their businesses, and their Facebook pages are still new and undiscovered, there is always the temptation to make it big quick. This is where this question popups up. Should you buy Facebook likes for your business? My answer to this inquiry is usually simple, no!

Unlike the issue of Instagram followers where people have managed to achieve a modicum of success after buying followers, there is no direct positive result to a business that comes from the purchase of Facebook likes (unless you are about to buy Facebook auto post likes which might look more natural). Most people may think me a cynic, but let me present to you some solid facts as to why I am against this venture.

1. Wastage of Money
In any business, an investment should yield a tangible return. When you are buying fans or likes for your business, then you are investing in something that will yield nothing, and that is simply throwing money away.

2. No Engagement
No matter how many fans or likes you buy, the engagement will always be minimal. Remember, only real fans can comment on your posts, show up to your live streams and get a conversation going. So the bought fans and likes are useless if you are trying to get the word out there about your business as they have no engagement whatsoever.

3. Damaged EDGERANK
The EDGERANK score is determined by several factors. The traffic to the page, interactions, how much of the content is shared and the number of comments that the page gets on the content. If you have a lot of people, but they are not doing any commenting or interacting in any form, then this score will go down.

4. No sales Generated
One of the reasons that people market on Facebook is to drum up interest among their fans and drive them back to the site to generate actual sales. This is where some Facebook adds come in handy as they reach your target audience, generate some interest and lead a good number back to your website where sales are made. This is not the case however when you have fake accounts populating your feed. They will not be buying anything or getting people to talk about your product.

5. Loss Of Future Traffic
Let us say that someone stumbles upon your page, and with all the fans around there is nobody saying anything about anything. They will just assume that the page is dormant and move on. This is a potential fan/customer that you have just lost.

Other than opting for fake fans or likes, it is best to try and start small. Invite all of your friends to like your page then ask them to do the same with their friends. This will lead to a small but fruitful fanbase that you can use as a starting point towards greater things. So, the next time that you stumble upon the question, should you buy Facebook likes for your business? Just remember the information contained within this article and make the right choice. I hope this is illuminating and will serve its purpose to help you know where to wisely invest your money.