Benefits of being ADA Compliant

Every sign we see has a purpose. Whether it’s made to guide the way such as street and highway signs that match up easily with the GPS being used, warning signs that inform us of possible danger in an area and often suggest or demand we stay out of the certain location, billboards that advertise for specific businesses, or directional and informational signs that help us to see which way we need to go in a store or business to get to the products or services, we are seeking.


All around us signs give us the ability to quickly determine what message is being conveyed. Signs not only give us information but in many cases signs allow us to feel certain emotions about a location depending on the sign. Some signs businesses put up are fun, friendly, maybe even tell a joke in order to convey the message of being a laid back and calm establishment. Others are serious, stoic, and businesslike to let us know the business taking place is serious and must be taken as such. The various signs used at some businesses offer highly recognizable logos that let us know where are a favorite place to shop or eat is located.


When signs are put in place, many businesses have to undergo processes of approval to ensure the signs meet regulations for local, state and federal compliance. One such federal regulation has signs in place that are Ada compliant signs. The ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act and has a very strict set of rules and guidelines for businesses to follow. One such guideline includes signs that are easy to understand for anyone. For those who are illiterate, signs must clearly indicate pictorially what the message is. In areas where there is a dense population of residents that speak a foreign language, you may see signs with more than one language on them. For those who are blind, sings must have Braille translations of the signed message to allow the blind patrons to enjoy still the products or services offered by the business.


Nova Polymers has been aiding sign fabricators for many years to ensure their signs are always ADA compliant signs. The mantra of Nova Polymers is “ADA compliant. Period.” which indicates quickly how seriously they take the ADA regulations in their business. Nova Polymers has created some dynamic and attractive substrates and offers advanced machinery to ensure fabricators can create signs for their clients that send the right message to the business at hand.


Next time you visit your local restaurant, store, bar, or other places of business, stop and take notice of the various signs around you. Also, review what signs appear to be compliant with the ADA and which ones do not. If you are a business owner, start with reputable ada consulting firms to ensure that you are fully compliant.